Popup Modal

The Marketing team needed a tool to convert website visitors to newsletter subscribers by making it easy for them to join Yami's email list. Meanwhile, the design should also serve the role to give the new user a basic understanding of what Yami is and make them feel welcome.

Team Members:
Kevin Wang, PM
Daniel Zhou, Design
Nico Wu, Design
Eric Zhou, Engineering

Project Type:
Web, Mobile

4 weeks


Design a new email subscription pop-up for the Marketing team so they can re-target new users through emails.


The conversion rate is better when a pop-up:
With image, two input fields
• Is on mobile than it's on PC
Show up after 8 secs or after a visitor scrolled 35% of a page


The potential users are more likely to interact with the pop-up if it:
• Has clear discount information
• Uses signature products as design elements
• Has warm color tones
• Uses lifestyle image over specific products
• Food over other categories


User flow was created to outline the necessary steps that users will need to take to successfully subscribe to our emails. This flow shows how users go through the subscription process, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience.


We used the user flow and research to create wireframes that emphasize key elements such as input fields, discounts, and CTA

Visual Design

Visual Design was based on the interview and wireframe, it began with a mood board and then extended to all the screens.

Consistent font, type size, and colors were used along with balance, proximity, alignment, hierarchy, repetition, and contrast.


We developed prototypes for internal testing and refined elements such as buttons, font sizes, and hierarchy based on feedback from the team.


Following the launch, users have provided positive feedback on the clear messaging and ease of use, indicating a quick understanding of Yami's offerings.

The pop-up modal has played a critical role in increasing email subscription rates by 60%, and has been adopted as a template for other promotional campaigns

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